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Attractions in and around Chieming or walk on the foodsteps of "Graf Chiemo"

Attractions in and around Chieming
The former " Denglhamer Hof " has been restored with much effort and love and now serves as "Heimathaus". Cultural events like exhibitions, Christmas markets and typical bavarian music take place in the "Heimathaus" throughout the year. Historic Village tours start at the Heimat Haus for a local walk about the history Chiemings . Archaeological finds prove that the Roman road Salzburg - Augsburg led by Chieming . From the third Century AD date three, the sea god Bedaius consecrated, Roman altar stones, which are kept in the bell tower of the parish church .
The small church of St. Johann, located in Stöttham, secluded and picturesque location. 

The former castle Neuenchieming remained until the 17th Century seat of Hofmarksherren . Until 1965, the stately building served as a parsonage and has since been in private ownership.

The late Gothic church in Sondermoning poses with his created around 1500 polyptych the earliest work of this kind in Chiemgau. Vault paintings ( 1500) as well as remarkable sculptures from the 17th and 18th century adorn the St. Lawrence Church in the village of Hart . The district Ising is already 744 mentioned as "Villa Usinga " im Chiemgau documented . From a hill greet the pilgrimage church and the castle, which can be seen as a striking ensemble almost over the whole lake.

In the footsteps of Chiemo . . .
We are the end of the Roman Empire and the Roman Empire
im Chiemgau, end of the 5th Century. The tribe of the Bavarians forms
gradually from Romans, Keltoromanen , Germans and by migrating peoples .
A Germanic Noble called " Chiemo " can be with his people on the east bank
a large lake down and gives the place , the lake and the district its name
- Chieming , Chiemsee Chiemgau and !

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